Various life logs are recorded via our daily digital life. We believe that these digital pieces hide great clues that can direct our goals and lives for the better. We are developing an environment where we can use our data freely and securely to get closer to who we want to be, to manage our health, and to improve our performance. VELDT, which operates internet-connected ventures ranging from IoT products to AI and data analysis, aims to be the data science company known for creating positive spirals in each individual's life.

Creating Real-World Value through the IoT Data Cycle

IoT requires the simultaneous development of Internet (software) and Things (hardware). In addition to creating complex IoT beautifully, we also develop living service and edge computing AI technology that analyzes data while valuing privacy. VELDT is unique in its capacity to bring value to the real world through the IoT data cycle.

We develop IoT products and services across a variety of fields from design to technology. In addition to our own high-end smartwatch business, we utilize our unique know-how to provide IoT development services for companies.

We cultivate and operate "Riiiver", a platform jointly developed with Citizen Watch, which allows users to freely connect IoT and mobile services to create original functions. Support services for corporate clients are planned.

We are developing federated AI technology that analyzes data from life logs and IoT, using proprietary algorithms to offer meaningful conclusions even where some data is missing, with a focus on privacy. We primarily support and promote partner businesses in the healthcare and consumer goods industries.



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Making Technology Work for the Real World and Real Life

VELDT's mission is "Life Tech Re-balance.” Our aim is to help you pull back from the negative aspects of the internet and make technology work for the real world and real life. Spend your time exploring and discovering new possibilities by making positive choices for yourself, your society, and the global environment. The "VELDT LUXTURE" smartwatch - which deliberately siphons the total amount of information gathered on your phone to convey only important information that you define - is a symbol of the VELDT mission.

Towards Connected
& Sustainable Future

What can we do with IoT products and information? One of VELDT's answers is to bring data concerning global warming and the environment closer to us. VELDT has equipped its smartwatch products with functions that allow us to feel the effects of global warming and the natural environment. For example, at the tap of a button you can compare the planet's average temperature or CO2 concentration today versus 10 years ago, get a look at today's air quality in your present location or hometown, etc. If we can nudge each person's consumption and behavioral choices slightly each day towards effecting positive environmental change, the combined effect may be a big force in our future. VELDT hosts the site "" to offer this future-focused information not only to our product users but also to the general public (Welt means "world" in German, expanding on the Dutch "grassland" of VELDT). And of course, VELDT supports manufacturing in environmentally friendly factories utilizing nature-friendly materials.


Company : VELDT Inc.

Headquarters : Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Subsidiary : VELDT USA, Inc.

Office : San Francisco, CA, USA

Founded : August 1st, 2012

Capital : JPY 400,000,000

Business :

IoT Devices & Software Development・Manufacturing・Sales

IoT Platform & Service Development・Operation

AI & Data Analysis Software Development

Healthcare Solutions Development

Founder & CEO : Jin Nonogami

Outside Director : Yoshihisa Yajima

Outside Director : Shinichi Uetadani

Outside Director : Masaaki Sato

Auditor : Tomoko Moriya

Technical Advisor : Ryoichi Shinkuma

Technical Advisor : Toshikazu Furuya


VELDT is currently looking for engineering and non-engineering candidates to fill multiple positions as we expand our business further.