product essence
In the ancient time, time was measured by the sunlight. Over time, machines took over the role of measuring time, which became one of the information tools in the Internet era. Among so much information, we are constantly trying to find something imoortant to us. "Lights, rather than words." LUXTURE is a new element that conveys meaningful messages with lights.

LUX : The lgihts themed function

It notifies you of messages from someone important with a special colored light and displays indispensable information with beautiful lights. It also records how much sunlight you have been exposed to and alerts you to the UV level. With the close relationship with the lights, you will have a comfortable lifestyle and comfortable relationship with all the information.

FUTURE : The expanding system

We are going to launch additional systems and functions in the near future, and we are sure that each of our users will discover creative ways to enjoy our products and services. Our design has the system and room for growth.


For LUXTURE's slim 38mm watch case, VELDT designed a flowing outline from "VELDT BEAK", which is the protrusions at 6 and 12.  The result is its stylish and beautiful body.

LUXTURE embodies the detailed excellence of watches, including its colored glass covering the back of the watch case.  Feel the comfort and sophisticated finishes of the beautiful leather strap and the stone strap made of sliced real stone.

“VELDT FLARE” tells information with the lights embedded in the dial. It conveys messages from someone important with a colored light you select and displays the time of the next appointment and the weather forecast timeline with the colored lights. "Be aware with lights" - you have the power to be selective in beautiful time.

LUXTURE offers wireless charging, meaning you can charge it by simply positioning the back of the watch on the charger.  Additionally, the charging pad is covered with elegant suede with an earth tone, which matches each color of the watches.  Not only the performance but also the look is a work of art.




You can see the forecast for the next 12 hours with the unique light colors on the watch face. Each color indicates different weather, and you can set the location anywhere in the world.


"Get notified of the water level of the ocean. The built-in lights on LUXTURE face vertically express the tide level at a spot or beach you choose."


VELDT partners with Street Art Cities, a mobile app that shows locations of street art and information of artists all over the world. LUXTURE notifies you of the nearest street art locations with lights.


Remember Now lets you record places you like or want to remember with just the push of a button. This is a lifelog feature where you can tag a restaurant or a pretty view that you encounter.


Keep track of different kinds of data you select, such as your acvtivity level, condition and weight, on a graph. This feature is going to keep evolving so that you discover new findings out of your daily habits and data.


LUXTURE notifies you of calls and messages with a gentle buzz and colors of lights your select. WIth its VIP feature, you can assign different colors to people who are special to you.


Get notified of the UV radiation level to protect your delicate skin. WIth the imbedded UV sensor, LUXTURE alerts you through lights and vibrations when the UV radiation level passes the threshold you preset.


Synced to the calendar on your smartphone, LUXTURE shows you the time of your appointments and reservations with lights.


A luxury watch's classic feature, the moon phase. LUXTURE expresses each moon phase with its yellow lights.


LUXTURE supports the popular method, working 25 minutes and taking a break for 5 minutes, to enhance your focus with lights and vibrations.

Notifications: Text / Call / Email / Social Media / App
Alerts / Calendar Alerts / UV Alerts / Multiple Time
Zones / Weather Forecast / Moon Phases / Wave
Level / Activity Track
Color: Stainless Steel Silver / Rose Gold
Size: 38mm
Thickness: 12.4mm
Material: Stainless Steel / Sapphire Glass / Color Glass (Back)
Color: Stainless Steel Silver / Rose Gold
Size: 38mm
Thickness: 12.4mm
Material: Stainless Steel / Sapphire Glass / Color Glass (Back)
iOS 10+ and Android™ 7+
Bluetooth®Low Energy 5 Ready
RGB LED x 24
Quartz (Built-In Button Cell, Estimated 2 Years of
Battery Life)
Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery Life: Estimated 3 Days
Accelerometer / Light Sensor / UV Sensor
Wireless Charging
Magnetic Charging Cable
USB Power Adapter
Wireless Charger (USB Type)
Quick Start Guide
One Year Limited
Color: Black / Camel / White / Navy / Beige / Stone
Width: 20mm
Material: Leather / Stone
Interchangeable: Yes
ALTAIR Series White S
Stone Strap
130,000 JPY
ALTAIR Series Rose R
Beige Alligator Strap
172,800 JPY
ALTAIR Series Black R
Camel Alligator Strap
172,800 JPY
ALTAIR Series Blue S
Navy Calf Laether Strap
118,800 JPY
ALTAIR Series Black S
Black Calf Leather Strap
118,800 JPY
ALTAIR Series White R
White Calf Leather Strap
118,800 JPY
ALTAIR Series Rose R
Black Calf Leather Strap
118,800 JPY
ALTAIR Series Black R
Black Calf Leather Strap
118,800 JPY

VELDT LUXTURE is compatible with smartphones that have the following operation systems: iOS10 and higher or Android7 and higher.
The smartphone models that have been confirmed to work with LUXTURE are shown below.(As of April 1st 2019)

For iPad Use:

The screen is not fully adjusted, but it works as well as a smartphone.

Model Function Fully Adjusted Screen Size Others
Apple iPhone LUXTURE Compatible with All Models
Apple iPad LUXTURE Compatible with All Models
Sony Xperia XZ2 LUXTURE Compatible with All Models
Samsung Galaxy S9 LUXTURE Compatible with All Models
Frequently Asked Questions Prior To Purchase (FAQ)

Q. Is LUXTURE compatible with Android?
A. It is compatible with Android 7 and higher. You can download the LUXTURE app for Android from Google Play.
The smartphone models that are compatible with LUXTURE are limited at this moment, but more devices will be added in the future.

Q. What languages are avialble?
A. English and Japanese are available.

Q. Is LUXTURE waterproof?
A. Yes, it is water resistant 5 bar.

Q. Does LUXTURE have a vibration feature?
A. Yes, you can set a different rhythm of vibration for each notification.

Q. How long is the warranty?
A. A year after the purchase. When the purchase is made at one of our physical stores, it is a year from the day shown on the store stamp. When the purchase is made on our online store or other online store that is one of VELDT's partners, it is a year from the day of the delivery.

Q. How long does the battery last?
A. It lasts for approximately 3 days for general use. It is subject to the frequency of use.

Q. How does LUXTURE connect to a smartphone?
A. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy 5.

Q. What is the range of the connection with a smartphone?
A. It is approximately 2 - 3m without any wall getting in the way. There is a case of disconnection when you cross your arms by blocking the electromagnetic waves with your body.

Q. Is the watch strap interchangeable?
A. Yes, it is. The strap width is 20mm.

Q. What features does LUXTURE has to offer?
A. LUXTURE has the following features: Notifications of Text / Call / Email / Social Media, App Alerts, Weather Forecast, Calendar Alerts, UV Alerts, Seasonal Allergy Alert, Moon Phases, Wave Level, Activity Track, Multiple Time Zones, Remember Now, Street Art Cities, Pomodoro Timer. In the near future, more new features will be added once Riiiver, the platform where you create and share your original functions, is released.

Q. Do I get notifications from Line or Facebook?
A. Yes. Once you turn on certain notifications on your smartphone, you will get notified of every app you select, including social media.

Q. Can I talk through LUXTURE?
A. No, it does not have a phone feature.

Q. Can I still use the same LUXTURE if I switch my phone model?
A. Yes, you can. Once you enter your User ID and password for the LUXTURE app, you can transfer your personal data to your new phone and continue to use the same LUXTURE.

Q. Can I select the LED color on LUXTURE?
A. Yes, you can. You can choose a LED color from 13 colors LUXTURE offers. Feel free to customize the LED color for each notification and calendar alert.

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