Agile Integration

towards "IoT as a Service"

Unlike computers such as PCs and smartphones which have benefited from wholescale adoption, IoT devices often do not have balanced data input/output. Recognizing that the value of IoT is based on properly analyzing the combination of inputs and outputs, VELDT has developed "building block" techniques to quickly connect IoT devices and Internet services. This "IoT as Service" method has already been adopted in the Riiiver platform, jointly developed with Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. VELDT is now mobilizing Riiiver towards value-added services for corporate customers.

Riiiver Piece Creation Service

Riiiver, a Platform that
Freely Connects IoT and Services

Creating new functions with Riiiver is a piece of cake... Or perhaps 3 pieces of cake. You don’t need to know anything about programming; all you have to do is put together 3 functional modules (known as Pieces) in the Riiiver app. When you combine these 3 Pieces—a Trigger, a Service and an Action—you create an “iiidea”, representing your personal IoT experience, which you can use on your own or publish to the world. The Riiiver platform also features a fully-documented developer site, where those of you with programming chops can create Pieces for yourselves.

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