product essence
An unexpected discovery "SERENDIPITY". It is a precious experience that people today in the smartphone world often fail to witness. To have them place their eyes away from the phone screens and spend quality time in the real world, VELDT released the very first product SERENDIPITY.
product essence

VELDT SERENDIPITY is a long-run product by VELDT. It is a Japan-made smartwatch, with texts and LED lights hidden in the analog dial intuitively conveying essential smartphone information. We added TOUCHWEAR Series, designed for a new mobile payment function in the belt. Now available for pre-order on Nikkei Crowdfunding "Mirai Shopping".

product essence
Embedded into the analog face of the watch, our unique LED Vivid Loop syncs with online information, and lights up to intuitively inform you of incoming messages and/or information of priority.
product essence
Best quality bracelets from all over the world

・Metal Mesh : Beautifully weaved mesh made in Germany
・Denim : Handmade by a skilled Kyoto kimono dyeing craftsman
・Slate stone : The unique bracelet using very thin natural stone
・Leather : Vivid and beautiful high quality leathers from Europe
・Rubber : Made for luxury dive watches from Austria
product essence
VELDT TOUCHWEAR contains our unique FeliCa chip (VELDT TOUCHWEAR Card) on the back of the belt, which enables you to complete a mobile payment just by tapping. No need to charge the electronic money part. You can make a payment with VELDT TOUCHWEAR wherever Rakuten Edy is accepted such as at convenience stores, restaurants and cafés.

product essence
Use with VELDT SERENDIPITY smart watch. Your activity history is shown on your calendar along with your schedule. Activity and sleep levels are displayed in a form of bubbles, and you can see your biorhythm of the month by entering how you feel every day.
You can select your own model in the device setting page and assign frequently used functions to shortcut buttons for quick access.
Antibacterial plastics
Sapphire glass
Case diameter 48mm
Case thickness 15.6mm
Weight Rubber Belt Model 90g, Denim Belt Model 80g, Leather Belt Model 75g
Smartphone OS
・Model V/R/C : iPhone/iPad (iOS 10 or later) ・Model VX/RT/RX/CT/CX : iPhone/iPad and Android(iOS10 and Andoid5.0or later)
Type Lithium-ion battery
Charging method By micro USB cable connection to computer USB port or AC adapter Battery life Approximately 1 week in standby mode
Receiving calls, emails, SNS messages and notifications from any other apps.
Calendar schedule, world clock, weather, compass, timer, activity tracker and loss prevention alert. Mobile payment available on RT/CT Series (Only in Japan / For Rakuten Edy)
Supported Smartphone

VELDT SERENDIPITY Model C/R/V supports iPhone/iPad (9,10 & 11).
VELDT SERENDIPITY Model CX/RX/VX supports iOS(9,10 & 11) and Android (5.0 or later) smartphones.
Tested smartphones are as follows.(As of Oct. 1, 2017)

Although the screen size is not optimized to it, the watch can be used with an iPad.
When searching for the VELDT LIFE ASSIST app in the App Store, please select the tab in the top left corner [iPhone only].

Device General
Screen size
Apple iPhone SERENDIPITY All Models
Apple iPad SERENDIPITY All Models
Sony Xperia SERENDIPITY Model CX/RX/VX Only
Google Nexus SERENDIPITY Model CX/RX/VX Only
Samsung Galaxy SERENDIPITY Model CX/RX/VX Only
Sharp AndroidOne SERENDIPITY Model CX/RX/VX Only
Frequently asked questions prior to purchase(FAQ),

Q.Do you have plans to offer compatibility with Android phones?
A. The latest models VX/RX/CX support Android(5.0 or later only).
Tested smartphone list will be updated accordingly.

Q. What language does the watch support?
A. The watch supports English and Japanese at initial launch.

Q. Is the watch waterproof?
A. The watch has a water rating of IPX7. Subject to having the USB cover in place, the watch withstands accidental water splashes/exposure in normal daily circumstances.

Q. Does the watch have vibration features?
A. Yes. The watch can be set to vibrate for notifications.

Q. How long is the warranty?
A. The warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase with the stamp by the shop or with the shipping date from the VELDT or VELDT’s partner store.

Q. How long does the battery last on stand-by?
A. The battery lasts approximately 1 week on stand-by.

Q. How does the watch sync with the smart phone?
A. The watch syncs with the smart phone using Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology.

Q. What is the range of connection between the watch and smartphone?
A. 2-3m without any obstacles between the two devices. Wearing the watch and crossing your arms in a certain way might disrupt the connection as your body may act as a shield.

Q. Can the wrist band be changed to a 3rd party product?
A. Yes. Compatible size is 24mm in width.

Q.12 What is the difference between Model R and Model C?
A.12 Model C/CX has a paint finished face, while the Model R/RX & V/VX comes with a handcrafted face by a master craftsman, or a customized design using an unique casting method. The cover glass for the Model C/CX is mineral glass, whereas the Model R/RX & V/VX comes with a cover made from sapphire glass. The functions on both models are identical.

Q.13 What are the functions on the watch?
A.13 Receiving call notifications, emails, SNS messages and notifications from other apps, which can be set from the notification center of your smartphone. Calendar schedule, global time, weather, compass, timer, activity and sleep tracker, and loss prevention alert. A taxi call service is also available, but currently limited to users in the Tokyo area.

Q. Can the watch receive notifications from Facebook an LINE accounts?
A. Yes. From the options available on your notification center, the watch can be set to receive notifications from generally any SNS accounts or apps.

Q. Can I make phone calls from the watch?
A. No, voice calls cannot be made from the watch.

Q. What happens if I change my smartphone?
A. As long as you use the same User ID and password to login to the VELDT LIFE ASSIST app, previous data will be accessible from your watch through the new device.

Q. Where can I see the actual product?
A. Please search for your nearest retailer from the following website.

Q. Can I choose the LED colors?
A. Yes, the LED colors can be customized for each notification. For example, the notification from your calendar can be set with one color. The color variations of SAKURA・FUJI・KONPEKI・WAKAKUSA・HIMAWARI・DAIDAI・NIJI are all shades that we feel represents the Japanese culture.

Can the watch take my sleep data?
A. Yes. After displaying the [Activity] on the watch, press the button to change the mode from [Active] to [Sleep]. The watch will now monitor your sleep such as how deep or light your sleeping state is.

Product registration

Registering your new VELDT SERENDIPITY, will make your watch eligible to our product warranty program and other customer services. It will also enable us to notify you, regarding product and service updates.


For details on features and instructions, see the following user manual.


See the following page for frequently asked questions.

Software Update

Firmware update service:
We offer a firmware update tool for your SERENDIPITY device which can be used from a Windows PC. For instructions on how to use the tool, please refer to the [Firmware] section of the [Software Update].
During your product warranty period, firmware updates can be received by sending in your device to us by mail (postage is free if sending domestically in Japan by using the freight-collect service). The firmware update service is free, however pre-registration of your device is required using the registration form below.

Current Version: 2.0.12
Updated: 2018/04/13
Fixed bugs and terminated the taxi service.
Download method
Go to the App Store on your smart phone and tap on [Updates].
Find the VELDT LIFE ASSIST app from the list and tap on [Update].
Current Version : 2.0.11
Updated : 2018/03/2
Fixed bugs and terminated the taxi service.
Download method

Download method from hear.
Go to the Google Play on your smart phone and find the VELDT LIFE ASSIST app from the list and tap on [Install].

Current Version: 2.01
Updated: 2016/6/24
Release details:
Support MIP(Most Important Person) function which limits incoming messages from pre-registered persons.
Download method

The products currently being offered comes with the newest Firmware Version[2.01].
Windows PC is required to install the newest Firmware.


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