Conditioning AI app you'd ™ for Apple Watch available from July 8, 2022 (Friday)

On Wednesday, July 8, 2022, conditioning AI app you'd™️ will launch an Apple Watch compatible version. You can now easily register data from your smartwatch even when you are busy with your daily life.

you'd™️" is an application that allows users to find out and become aware of things related to their physical condition and symptoms of illness based on the vital data and activity data automatically acquired by Apple Watch and other devices, as well as data entered by the user. This time, in order to meet the demand for inputting data without opening a smartphone, we have added support for Apple Watch. This makes it possible to easily record your "current physical condition," "registered habits," and "frequently occurring symptoms" from the app automatically installed on your Apple Watch without having to open your smartphone. Also, your registered habits as a routine will be automatically notified to your Apple Watch, so you can easily check them at your hand.

■ Features of you'd™️ for Apple Watch

・You can input your physical condition at your fingertips. In addition to on-screen registration, you can also use the digital crown.

・You can easily record your preregistered "habits" with the touch of a button.

・Frequently occurring "symptoms" can be easily recorded at the touch of a button.

・A pop-up window will indicate whether or not a registered "routine" has been performed, allowing on-the-spot registration of checkups.

Up to 10 items can be registered for routines that are used frequently on a daily basis. In addition, if you register the time when a routine is to be performed, you will be notified through the alert function so that you will not forget to do it.