Conditioning AI app "you'd™" works with the world-trusted medical encyclopedia "MSD Manual". It detects user upset symptoms and provides reliable medical information at any time and place.

(This is translated summary version. Please refer to Japanese version as the official contents.)

VELDT Inc. (Headquarter : Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Jin Nonogami) has developed "you'd™", a conditioning AI app. "you'd™" connects your physical condition with your own personal data. MSD K.K. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo President: Kyle Tattle) has collaborated with "you'd ™" and will provide innovative functions that connects directly with the digital medical encyclopedia "MSD Manual".

About the conditioning AI app

"you'd™" is a conditioning AI app enables you to locate hints for physical condition management by utilizing your personal data. "you'd™" analyzes health data accumulated from wearables and IoT terminals, life logs entered by users, and environmental factors such as weather and atmospheric pressure to analyze your physical condition. It's an AI application that provides feedback on lifestyle-related and environmental factors that affect the physical condition of the user. With this app, users will be able to discover conditioning methods that suit their personal characteristics and lifestyle, depending on their purpose. Furthermore, by making the user aware of the factors that influence the wave of physical condition, it becomes apparent to take neccessary actions to maintain or improve the physical condition. As a result, we can expect to bring positive changes to users to better deal with their physical condition and chronic illness.

About "MSD Manual"

The "MSD Manual" is a medical encyclopedia provided by MSD, a global pharmaceutical company that has been in operation for over 120 years. They focus on advancing in areas of health, social, environmental and economic impact on people and communities around the world. Written by more than 300 specialists, it is widely used worldwide as a medical encyclopedia that publishes a wide range of medical findings, including diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, child development, women's health, and elderly care. Currently, the "home version" and "professional version" has been translated into more than 10 languages and ​​are available for free on the web and apps globally.

Functions of "you'd™" linked with "MSD Manual"

When a symptom is entered into the app more than once in a period of time, the app will detect the specified symptom and display a message. When that message is acknowledged, you're directed to a symptom confirmation screen where you can browse the MSD manual page that explains the symptom on the app. After reviewing the contents, the symptom memo in the app automatically records what you have checked, so you can easily look back on he symptom you checked in the past at any time. This is the first time in Japan that the healthcare app has a function that automatically detects the user's symptoms and guides the page of the relevant MSD manual.

■ App overview

Name : "you'd™"

Price : Free (with in-app purchase. The MSD manual linkage function is free of charge.)

Available in Japan : April 19, 2022

Target OS : iOS 11 or later * Android version will be available around summer.

Store URL :

Site URL :

Official SNS: Instagram @youd_veldt