For everyone who wants to have more healthy time and find tips for managing your physical condition from your own data Conditioning AI app "you'd" will be available from April 19th (Tuesday)

VELDT Inc. (Headquarter: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Jin Nonogami) is the IT company whose theme is "Life Tech Re-balance" which utilizes Internet technology for the real world and life. The conditioning AI app "you'd ™" will launch on the App Store on April 19th (Tuesday), where users will discover hints for physical condition management from their health data.

Conditioning AI app "you'd™" enables you to locate hints for physical condition management from your own data

“you ’d ™” analyzes health data accumulated from wearables and IoT terminals, life logs entered by users, and environmental information such as weather and barometric pressure. As a result, it identifies the lifestyle and environment such as climate, which is related to the physical condition of each user.

Users will be able to discover physical condition management methods that suit their personal characteristics and lifestyle, such as "when can I sleep soundly?" And "when does my blood pressure and weight rise?". By being aware of the specific factors that influence the wave of physical condition, users are more likely to take action to maintain or increase their health time, rather than feeling anxious about their distressing or chronic illness.


Currently, the number of people who continue to work while treating unwell symptoms in Japan exceeds one-third (2017 Cabinet Office survey *) for both men and women in 2017. Furthermore, with the expansion of Covid19, interest in "healthy life expectancy" has increased, and the areas of physical condition management and healthcare are receiving more attention and need than ever before.

Traditional health care apps have long recorded health data and lifelogs that users can view, but users are unable to idenitfy the factors that affect their physical condition.

With "you'd ™", you're able to use your existing personal data and devices as they are. In addition, you can record daily physical condition, anxious symptoms, activities such as diet and exercise by simply inputting the infromation in the application. This ensures that the accumulation of life logs is stress free.)

* Reference: Survey report on health awareness of men and women (

What you can do with "you'd™"

"you'd™" analyzes data acquired from wearables and life logs filled in by the user by using the "Smallytics™" algorithm. This assist individuals who may be affected by their daily physical condition and symptoms that they're experiencing. All features listed below are free. (There is in-app purchase)

The goal is to increase healthy time

Our goal is to identify how to manage your habits and unwell symptoms by increasing your health time.

It turns out that it seems to be related to physical condition

It is easy to see the relationship between the recorded physical condition and symptoms, lifestyle-related habits such as exercise, sleep, and the weather.

Intuitive input of troublesome records

It has an interface that allows you to enter data intuitively and easily by sliding or swiping.

If the symptoms continue, you can examine the possibility of illness

You can immediately refer to the MSD manual to decide if you're in need of hospital treatment by entering your symptoms.

■ VELDT's original analysis algorithm "Smallytics™" for discovery

The data produced by majority of people through wearables and life logs is small data with many flaws. VELDT has developed a unique algorithm "Smallytics™" that ranks highly relevant factors based on the data on smartphones and edge devices that have a life log, even if there is missing data. "Smallytics™" has a unique mechanism for learning that collaborates with the mother AI located in the cloud, which enables intelligent evolution.

■ Future outlook

"Smallytics™" can be installed not only on the "you'd™" app, but also as an SDK in enterprise users' applications. In addition, we are developing a corporate healthcare portal service using anonymous data.

VELDT will continue to create a positive spiral for human society and the global environment by innovating how to interact with technology, not just technological innovation, but with the mission of "Life Tech Re-balance."

■ App overview

Name : "you'd ™"

Price : Free (with in-app purchase)

Available in Japan : April 19, 2022

Target OS : iOS 11 or later * Android version will be available around summer.

Store URL :

Site URL :

Official SNS: Instagram @youd_veldt

■ About VELDT Inc.

VELDT is an IT company based in Tokyo and San Francisco that develops IoT products, services, software and data analysis technologies. While technological innovations such as the Internet have made it convenient, modern people are facing new social and environmental problems as side effects. With "Life Tech Re-balance" as its mission, VELDT creates a positive spiral for human society and the global environment by innovating how to interact with technology, not just technological innovation.

Company name : VELDT Inc.

Representative : CEO Jin Nonogami

Headquarters : 5-18-10 2-D Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Established : August 1, 2012