Announcing the Riiiver Piece Creation Service


On April 1, 2021, VELDT launched the new "Piece Creation Service."

The goal of the service is to lower the barrier for companies who want to feature their service on the growing international IoT platform Riiiver.

As the only official provider of this new service, and as an integral partner in the development of Riiiver itself, VELDT is primed to create Riiiver functions (aka "Pieces") that take advantage of your company's strengths and offer Riiiver users unique and exciting IoT experiences. This is a great opportunity for companies to expand their user base, while at the same time offering new features to their existing users, at a starting price of just $5,000 per Piece.

For more details about the service and to contact us to get started, head over to our Piece Creation Service page and submit the brief inquiry form at the bottom of the page: