Announced FeliCa Module Built-in Watch Band and Wrist Band VELDT TOUCHWEAR

Charge-less, Electronic Payment-capable FeliCa Module Built-in Watch Band VELDT TOUCHWEAR

Included with Newest Models of Connected Watch VELDT SERENDIPITY

TOKYO – VELDT, Inc. (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo CEO Jin Nonogami) developer of various IoT products and services, announced on March 23, 2017, the new release of charge-less, electronic payment-capable FeliCa module built-in watch band at Baselworld 2017. The new VELDT TOUCHWEAR products facilitate mobile payments without the need for battery charging. The newest models of VELDT SERENDIPITY connected watch will be the first products to include the technology. The new models, STONE ROSE TOUCHWEAR and STONE MIRROR TOUCHWEAR will come with a FeliCa standard chip built-in VELDT TOUCHWEAR watch band. The watch bands are scheduled to go on sale from June 2017.

■ VELDT TOUCHWEAR creating non-stress time

The newly announced VELDT TOUCHWEAR comes with a built-in FeliCa NFC module facilitating mobile payments without battery charging. The new products are waterproof. A VELDT TOUCHWEAR watch band will come standard with the newest models of VELDT SERENDIPITY, STONE ROSE TOUCHWEAR and STONE MIRROR TOUCHWEAR. The release of VELDT TOUCHWEAR is part of VELDT’s vision of LIFE: TECH REBALANCE, creating non-stress time with functionality.


The new VELDT SERENDIPITY series, STONE ROSE TOUCHWEAR and STONE MIRROR TOUCHWEAR both come with the FeliCa module built-in VELDT TOUCHWEAR watch band, enhancing the functionality of high-end connected watch. VELDT SERENDIPITY comes with a unique rubber watch band with a thin layer of real natural stone on its surface. The products are scheduled to go on sale from June 2017.

■ Product Names

■ Specifications – VELDT SERENDIPITY – VELDT TOUCHWEAR version

Materials* Stainless steel, anti-bacterial plastic, sapphire glass, natural stone
Interface LED x 24, OLED display
Size Outer rim 48mm, Thickness 15.6mm
Watch movement Quartz
Batteries Lithium-ion battery (micro USB charging, 1 week stand-by time)
Wireless cond. Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
Available OS iPhone, AndroidTM
Features Mail, SNS, and incoming call notifications. Activity level and sleep time tracking function. Schedule, weather display with LED. Compass, timer, taxi call service (only available in Tokyo, Japan), MIP function** etc.


■ On Sale
Scheduled for sale from June 2017

■ Price
1,680 USD (excluding tax) for smartwatch and watch band

*FeliCa is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
**MIP (Most Important Person) function notifies user only for messages from people registered in advance.

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