Let's get on the updraft of physical condition
Your personal conditioning AI app

Get tips for managing your physical condition from your own data

"you"d™" analyzes various information such as life logs accumulated on smartphones from wearable devices, records of physical condition and habits entered by yourself, and environmental data such as weather and atmospheric pressure. You can discover the habits or environmental conditions which affect your health.


Increase healthy time with conditioning that fits you

In modern society, a great many people spend their days with physical problems.For example, in Japan, the number of people with chronic illness exceeded 1/3 * for both men and women in 2017.

you"d™ aims to leverage your health data and increase “healthy time” in a sustainable way that suits you.

* 2017 Japan Cabinet Office survey


Turn data into awareness, turn awareness into positive change

Lots of health data and life logs are recorded on your smartphone. In many cases, this data is mainly completed by checking the records.

However, it is important to discover what is affecting your physical condition in order to increase your healthy time. For example, "When do I sleep well?" "When does my blood pressure rise?" or "When do I gain weight?". The point is to be aware of something that is affecting your physical condition, and to turn it into a positive change.


Tips to improve your physical condition

you'd is recommended for these people

"Those who are busy with work or housework while being treated for symptoms of chronic illness"

If you routinely take medicines and supplements, the app will check if you have taken them. Also, by recording when any symptoms appear, the signs of symptoms and the things that are likely to affect them will be displayed in the ranking. If you have other symptoms, you can look up possible illnesses in the MSD Manual. You can use it to keep up your physical condition during your busy days.

"People who are worried about lifestyle-related diseases"

By measuring your blood pressure or weight using a connected device, you can easily see the relationship between blood pressure and weight and the amount of exercise. It's also a good idea to record unhealthy habits such as alcohol and cigarettes. This app is also recommended for those who are worried about lifestyle-related diseases based on the results of health examinations and blood tests.

"People suffering from lack of sleep"

Measuring sleep time and sleep efficiency with a smartwatch or sleep app reveals a variety of relationships. For example, it is a good idea to look at the relationship with the amount of exercise and UV light level the day before. It is also recommended to record habits such as drinking and bathing. Let's check when you actually tend to sleep. You may find a routine that leads to better sleep.

For example, what do you notice?

The effect of walking on sleep efficiency


Walking the day before will improve your sleep efficiency

Relationship between sleep time and blood pressure


If you get enough sleep, your diastolic blood pressure will drop the next day

Sleep efficiency and body temperature


Efficient sleep may raise body temperature moderately


The data on your smartphone can be used
Any device or app can be used as it is.

you'd™refers to the health care data you already have on your smartphone, so you can keep using any device or app. Data from connected devices such as smart watches and smart scales, sleep measurement apps, etc. can be fully utilized as they are. The more types of data you have, the more discoveries you will have.


You can intuitively enter troublesome records

It has an interface that allows you to intuitively and easily input things such as your physical condition or habits by sliding or swiping.

Ranks related physical conditions and habits

you'd™ ranks what is likely to affect your physical condition, sleep, weight, blood pressure, symptoms, etc., and what habits are likely to be related to them. Tap to display trend screens and graphs where you can find tips for managing your physical condition.


Know the relationship between symptoms and illness in a timely manner

You may want to know if you should go to the hospital when you have a problem. With you'd ™, you can immediately investigate the possibility of illness by utilizing the world-renowned MSD Manual ™. In addition, past symptoms that are often forgotten are accessible. You can refer back to them on the intuitive heat map.

Top screen with a relaxing image

On the top screen, a flock of birds, which is a symbol of you'd™, occasionally flies in the beautiful scenery.


VELDT's unique technology for handling small data

We often forget to record our Healthcare data. You don't keep your smartwatch on for 24 hours. VELDT's Smallytics™ can calculate and process relationships between different data, even if you have some unmeasurable time. This algorithm evolves intelligently by working with VELDT's Mother AI.

App overview

Name: "you'd ™"

Free version: Available for data only for up to 3 months

Paid version: Data storage for 3 months or more (stored in the cloud), seasonal trends, average comparison function, etc.

Support OS: iOS 11 or later Android 9 or later

*Android Recommended Spec: more than 6GB RAM



The relationships and discoveries displayed in this software are for your reference only and do not constitute a medical test result, diagnosis or advice. You are responsible for any actions you take as a result of your use of the Software and Services. Talk to your doctor or other medical professional for medical advice.