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The world is full of issues, such as lack of food and energy due to the increase in the world population, progressing global warming and disasters, a decrease in the working-age population, healthy life expectancy and improvement of QOL. AI is an indispensable technology for supporting these social issues, but many are worried that AI will be a threat to mankind. * 1

At its root, there is a vague anxiety about the unknown. We believe that solving social issues will continue to be done by mankind, not by AI. VELDT provides "Trustworthy AI" for innovators who want to make a better world by finding causes and solutions of issues.

*1 From public polls by Reuters/IPSOS

The "Causal" way of thinking that values the understanding of "why?"

AI evolves every day, but the process tends to be a black box. We are particular about “why do we get that result?” If you can understand the cause and effect mechanisms, then you can understand the actions needed to solve the issues. You can predict and respond based on trends and changes in the world, not just the extension of superficial data patterns. As you unravel the causal relationship, you can make new discoveries. "AI x Causal" (AI x Causality). We provide AI with an emphasis on "why?" and create positive spirals for each person's life and future society.



Understanding Causes for Action
Causal AI (Causal Inference AI)

DX does not end with visualization
Causal AI (causal inference AI) that understands causes and leads to actions

Even when data is visualized and predictive models are created to solve business issues, there are no discoveries that lead to action. This is a surprisingly common issue when adopting DX and AI. The key is to understand the "causal relationship". AI is used to recognize patterns from correlations in data, so even if predictions can be made, the reason is unclear. On the other hand, in business, it is important to find out what to do to improve results, that is, to understand the causes and identify actions. xCausal is a new system that allows people to infer causal relationships from data and understand the mechanisms leading to cause and effect. Furthermore, you can simulate the effects of improvement measures and answer the question, "If I change this value, what kind of effect will it have?"

"AI x Causal" (Using causal relationships in AI) xCausal complements AI and DX with interpretability and explainability. This will realize "trustworthy AI" that leads to action.

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Let's get on the updraft of physical condition
Your personal conditioning AI app

Released you'd™

The app that discovers hints to improve your physical condition from your own data.

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VELDT's mission is "Life Tech Re-balance." It is about re-examining the negative aspects of the Internet society and creating better ways to use technology so that each person can have a happy time in their own way. "xCausal™", a causal AI that realizes "responsible AI", and "you'd™", a product for becoming healthy from your own data, are some of those answers. VELDT will continue to propose new solutions for a sustainable society full of innovation and vitality.

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Company : VELDT Inc.

Headquarters : Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Founded : August 1st, 2012

Capital : JPY 99,000,000

Business :

AI and data analysis system development and services

Data analysis and consulting services

Development of wellness solutions

Development and operation of data platform

Founder & CEO : Jin Nonogami

Outside Director : Yoshihisa Yajima

Outside Director : Shinichi Uetadani

Outside Director : Tomohiro Anzai

Auditor : Tomoko Moriya

Technical Advisor : Ryoichi Shinkuma

Technical Advisor : Toshikazu Furuya


VELDT is currently looking for engineering and non-engineering candidates to fill multiple positions as we expand our business further.

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