An IoT project is a difficult task since hardware, software, technology, logic and design must all be put together at the highest levels. With VELDT’s accumulated knowledge of hardware and software from its own wearable product development, we can effectively support our clients with their development of IoT products and services.
In the age of AI technology, we can provide IoT designs to efficiently gather high quality data for clients.

OEM development of smartwatches and other wearable products

With the least amount of initial investment, we can help businesses develop a connected watch based on an analog wristwatch. By utilizing the circuit board module and software which VELDT releases for VELDT LUXTURE, we can offer OEM services to our clients for easier development of smart watches and wearable products with custom design and functions. The circuit board module is independent from the watch movement mechanism for easier maintenance. A low energy consumption sensor is included to provide accurate data logging of both activity and sleep levels. Our service includes software licensing and support.

Software and sensor algorithm licensing

Licensing is available for sleep measuring algorithm which is being developed in partnership with the National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, along with a highly accurate algorithm to measure activity levels, as well as mobile applications and device.

IoT Consulting and Solution Development

We do consulting and solution development based on our experience and knowledge.