Started Collaboration with MRT in the area of personal health advice


VELDT Inc. (CEO: Jin Nonogami; Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) and MRT Inc.(CEO: Tomoya Ogawa; TSE Growth: 6034) have formed a business alliance in the field of health advice using consumers' lifelog data to support health management needs that are becoming increasingly diversified by lifestyle and region, aiming to realize a world where anyone can easily receive medical care when they feel unwell before becoming ill.

The two companies will collaborate with "Door.", an application provided by MRT Corporation that connects to a network of doctors, and "Data Ethnography™", a health data platform developed by VELDT Inc. that analyzes the relationship between a user's daily habits and environment and their physical condition, to start offering health consultation advice based on personal health data history on November 21. In addition, based on the acquired data, the causal inference function of Data Ethnography™ will be used to propose health promotion measures based on the characteristics of each region to local governments and other organizations that are promoting smart city concepts.

In recent years, in order to realize "Society 5.0" as indicated by the Cabinet Office, companies and local governments in various regions have been actively promoting smart cities. Among these, there is an urgent need to improve the wellness of local communities and reduce medical costs due to the declining birthrate, aging population, and depopulation of rural areas. Further activation of online medical services, the demand for which has grown in the wake of COVID-19, and preventing the occurrence of illnesses through preventive medical checkups and other measures are expected to improve the quality of life in urban areas, extend healthy lifespans, and lower societal costs.

"Data Ethnography ™" developed by VELDT Inc. allows physicians and medical institutions to link their own data, along with health data based on the user's permission, enabling them to see relevance ranking of physical condition and symptoms of illness, and to analyze trends of such. By disclosing personal data to physicians and medical institutions with the user's permission, it is possible to check the health data of individual users as they can be searched using their personal IDs. In addition, by utilizing the causal inference option, the system supports the discovery of hypotheses and virtual verification of previously unseen health factors from various acquired data.

"Door." application provided by MRT is a platform that connects to a network of approximately 80,000 doctors in Japan, and offers a comprehensive "Door.into Health Medical Consultation" service that includes online health consultation, online medical care, and house calls. When you post a message in the application, a doctor will reply to you and start chatting with you, and if necessary, you can also consult with a doctor via video call.

The linkage between "Data Ethnography™" and "Door.into Health Medical Consultation" will enable data analysis that takes into account MRT's accumulated knowledge of individual ailments and illnesses, as well as users' lifestyles, regional characteristics, weather conditions, and other factors. Hypotheses can be segmented by region, and can be used to help care for users in each local community. We hope that this will be a step toward resolving issues in local healthcare, such as the shortage of doctors and rising healthcare costs, and help to promote smart cities, aiming to realize a world where anyone can easily receive more personalized medical care at the point of feeling unwell before they become ill.

■ 「What is the function of "Data Ethnography™" linked with "Door.into Health Medical Consultation"

"Data Ethnography™" is a web service that uses the conditioning AI application "you'd™" ※1 and its algorithm engine "Smallytics™" ※2 to allow discoveries related to your physical condition from your smartphone's life log. This is a web service that links and uses data of the same user from companies and medical institutions with the permission of the user. Data is anonymized and statistically processed, and then used through the company's cloud-based dashboard and causal inference engine.

Data linked to the "Door.into Health Medical Consultation" service is health data on the user's smartphone (currently available only for iOS) and data related to physical condition, symptoms of illness, and habits entered by the user on "you'd™". The causal inference function allows users to visually see what and how the data accumulated in the "Door.into Health and Medical Consultation" service is affected, and also to calculate how the data of interest changes when hypothetically changing certain data, making it possible to more This allows for the consideration of specific hypotheses. In addition, the use of statistical data can be used by local governments and other organizations to infer characteristic health conditions and their causes, which can be expected to lead to community-based health services.

"Data Ethnography™" can use data with strong relationships, which are pre-computed for recommendations using the "Smallytics™" algorithm, etc., thus significantly reducing the time required to estimate relationships from a large number of data items, which would normally take a long time. This will support the analysis of medical data for each local community and help realize a shift in medical care from curing diseases to preventing undiagnosed diseases.

  1. ※1: Conditioning AI Application「you'd™」(
  2. ※2: A proprietary algorithm that ranks highly relevant factors based on data on smartphones and edge devices with life logs, even if there is some missing data.
  3. ※Related Press Release:

【Comment from Tomoya Ogawa, President and Representative Director, MRT Inc.】

Mental and physical health is a valuable asset not only for individuals but also for society. We hope to create an unprecedented new service that enables smarter management of daily physical condition and physician support when needed, in collaboration with VELDT Inc, "Data Ethnography™". In addition to online health consultation and online medical care, we also aim to introduce the service in underpopulated medical areas, of which there are said to be approximately 600 nationwide, and to contribute to the enhancement of medical infrastructure through social implementation in smart cities after R5.

【Comment from Jin Nonogami, CEO and Representative Director, VELDT Inc.】

VELDT has developed AI technology and services to extract value from each individual's diverse lifelog data, believing that there are hidden hints that can lead to improved health and disease prevention. We are pleased to be able to provide seamless support with data from health management to online consultation when you feel unwell, through service collaboration with MRT's "`Door.into Health Medical Consultation,"` which is connected to a network of approximately 80,000 physicians in Japan. We hope that this will contribute to the extension of your healthy and active time.

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