With the vision of CONNECTED & BEAUTIFUL, VELDT is a company that develops wearable products and services with the perfect blend of technology and design. We are now seeking individuals to fill a position in marketing and an engineering position. Applications are welcome regardless of nationality. We look forward to welcoming the applicants as a second-wave founding members to further grow VELDT as a global brand in wearable products.

[Application development engineer]
Job description: Server system and smartphone application development engineer.
Required skills & experience:
・3 years or more experience in iOS/Android app development
・3 years or more experience in scratch development of Web services or equivalent.
・3 years or more experience in php/ruby development
・Experience in framework development (ie. zendframework)
・Experience in API documentation
・Some experience as Project Leader and/or solo project from start to launch
・Network programing and app development welcome
・Web API development for native apps preferred
・Experience in version management systems (ie. git/subversion) preferred
Work location: Tokyo (Setagaya-ku)
Salary and conditions:
Will consider present income level (stock options available for senior level applicants)