A new Connected Watch VELDT LUXUTRE premieres at Baselworld 2017

With the design theme of “Radiant Future”
A new Connected Watch VELDT LUXUTRE premieres at Baselworld 2017

OEM and Licensing Business to launch in March 2017

TOKYO ‒ VELDT, Inc. (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo CEO Jin Nonogami) developer of various IoT products and services, premiered a connected watch with a new design theme on March 23, 2017 at Baselworld 2017. The new watch, called VELDT LUXTURE, is a small, thin luxury watch featuring indirect LED lighting underneath the bezel that beautifully displays information synched from a smartphone. The watch also comes with a Life Rhythm Assistant feature which keeps track of the time and duration the user has been in sun-light, as well as the activity and sleep time of the user. This new product is scheduled to go on sale after December 2017.

VELDT will also launch an OEM and licensing business for the circuit module and software used in their newest product from March 2017.

■ For a “Radiant Future,” the VELDT LUXTURE

The design theme of the new connected watch VELDT LUXTURE is “Radiant Future.” The name LUXTURE was derived from the words LUX (meaning light) and FUTURE. The watch was developed to reset a user’s internal clock made irregular by today’s busy lifestyle by encouraging the user to spend more time in natural light. Developed based on the company’s vision, LIFE : TECH REBALANCE, the new product displays only essential information using LED lights to create a positive cycle for the user.

VELDT developed the vision LIFE : TECH REBALANCE to improve the Life Rhythm of people living today’s stressful lives. “Minimizing the overflow of information to increase the amount of non-stress time” and “Creating a rhythm for self-care and conditioning.” These are the two core ideas behind VELDT’s proposal for a truly balanced lifestyle.

The VELDT LUXTURE offers a combination of a stylish wristwatch and information display in elegant harmony. On VIVID LOOP, LED lights on the watch face deliver information by simply lighting up. LED light visibility is enhanced using soft indirect lighting from the outer rim and the classical Bombe Dial shape of the watch. The LED lights notify only important messages and appointments as well as hour-to-hour weather information, all in synch with the user’s smartphone. For the small and thin outer shape of the VELDT BEAK, we adopted a silhouette that flows from the protrusions at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock directions, using colored glass on the back side in pursuit of sophisticated style.

In terms of function, light exposure time, activity levels and sleep are all accurately logged by sensors, and then visually presented in a graph to help the user improve their Life Rhythm. The watch is also capable of providing alerts based on the UV index. VELDT has redefined the wristwatch as a Life Rhythm Assistant to help people establish a basis for a healthier lifestyle. The new products will be available with both iOS and Android smartphone compatibility. Products are expected to launch in winter 2017 with entry models starting from 500 USD and high-end models over 2,000 USD.

CEO Jin Nonogami said, “We wanted to design a stylish wristwatch, but at the same time help people create a positive spiral in this age of the internet. That is why we developed VELDT LUXTURE.”








■ OEM and Licensing Business

The circuit modules and software used in the new products were developed for hybrid smartwatches of analog and digital design. We are planning to offer the same components as an OEM or under license to third parties. The small, thin size of the circuit module and easy maintenance makes these components ideal for application to smartwatches. The characteristics allow easy installation to smartwatches and the simple analog type movements are powered by easily accessible batteries. VELDT has also teamed up with the National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry to develop a highly accurate sleep analyzing algorithm called VENASS (VELDT & NCNP ALGORITHM for SLEEP STATE ESTIMATION). Orders will be taken from March 2017, while deliveries should begin from January 2018.

■ Specification

Materials* Stainless steel and sapphire glass
Interface LED x 24, vibrator
Size Outer rim 38mm, Thickness 11.8mm
Watch movement Quartz
Batteries Lithium-ion battery (wireless charging, approx. 1 week stand-by time)
Wireless cond. Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy
Available OS iPhone, AndroidTM
Features Mail, SNS, and incoming call notifications. Schedules, weather, world time, activity level, sleep & ambient light tracking etc.

*Materials differ by model.

■ On Sale
Scheduled for sale after December 2017

VELDT Inc. was founded in 2012 with its head office in Tokyo as a unique brand focusing on wearable and IoT products and services. We are committed in developing IoT products and services which help create a positive spiral in our daily lives.
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