VELDT developed “Family Time Watch” for Tottori West

A smart watch that keeps track of how much time you’ve spent with the family.
Developed in conjunction with the Tottori West settlement initiative.
VELDT started providing IoT solution to the enterprise and government.

TOKYO – VELDT, Inc (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo CEO Jin Nonogami) has developed, Tottori West Family Time Watch, a smart watch that can keep track of the time spent with the family.

Families that participated in a short stay program, moving to a rural area in west Tottori from metropolitan cities, are all handed out with the Tottori West Family Time Watch. The program is an initiative lead by Tottori prefecture to promote living in west Tottori. The smart watch allowed participants to keep track of the time they spent with their families during their participation to the program. As a project to bring people together with IoT and the visualization of such effect, it also aims to bring awareness to the various attributes each region has to offer. With both hardware and software, VELDT is committed in supporting companies and communities with IoT, offering customized solutions where needed.


■ About Tottori West Family Time Watch
When a beacon device worn by a child is within 30m of the parent’s smartphone, the time spent within the 30m parameter is recorded. The accumulated time can be sent and displayed on a smart watch.