New “Luxury Sports” smart watches support Android

VELDT starts the shipment of smartwatch compatible with Android as well as iOS with the renewed application for  business athletes

Tokyo – VELDT (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo / CEO, Jin Nonogami), which develops and sells IoT products and services, starts, on July 25, 2016,  the shipment of new series of ”VELDT SERENDIPITY” smartwatches, models VX, RX, and CX which support both iOS and Android smartphones. On the same day, VELDT is also to release the smartphone application “VELDT LIFE ASSIST 2.0” with a renewed look for both iOS and Android (Version 5.0 or later).

The new series of “VELDT SERENDIPITY” support Android (Version 5.0 or later) as well as iOS to meet many requests from customers. The new models use sweat and water-resistant luxurious high quality rubber or denim for their belts because they are assumed to support “business athletes,” who enjoy fitness exercises and sports in a stoic manner while actively working in the business world.





Photo:  Model RX series that has adopted high-quality rubber belts

The new application “VELDT LIFE ASSIST 2.0” used in conjunction with a VELDT SERENDIPITY smartwatch  has a renewed UI (user interface). A bubble that gets bigger as the amount of activity gets bigger, graphical display of biorhythm that shows the relationship between daily physical condition and the amount of activity and sleep — these smartwatches have been devised so that it is easy to get into shape even in busy periods. It is also equipped with a function that transfers notifications from up to five people registered in advance to a smartwatch. This is a new function for people who want to improve efficiency when there is too much information to concentrate.

1. “Vivid Loop” LED
The analog clockface has a built-in LED, which displays information intuitively and beautifully, lighting the time of the next scheduled event, displaying different weathers in different colors every hour. The colors of the LED for phone calls and messages can be setup by the application.

2. Activity Monitor
The amount of activity and sleep are accurately measured by the smartwatch. The levels of the amount of activity and sleep are displayed by the size of a bubble with the application “LIFE ASSIST2.0”. The schedules registered in the calendar and the amount of activity during that event can be displayed on the smartwatch with it too. The application also displays the trends in physical conditions and activity in grafhs

3. One Touch Shortcut
Frequently used functions can be assigned to two of the buttons of a smartwatch. Registration can be done easily with the application. This is a convenient function that enables quick access to information you seek with one push of a button.
Easy-to-see display of the New






Easy-to-see display of the amount of activity and sleep, Graphical display of physical condition condition.
Android-compatible models:
Below are the models compatible with Android  (Version 5.0 or later)

Blossom – Dark                             : VSV04DD-DBL1
Night Blossom – Light                : VSV04DL-DBL2

The collaboration model collaborating with the denim brand “Kyoto Denim” under which every single picture is painted by craftsmen of “Kyo Yuzen.” Particular attention is also paid even to the linings of the belts, which adopt sapphire glass.

Black Horse – Red                        : VSR04BR-RBR1
Black Horse – Orange                  : VSR04BO-RBO1
Moon Ray – Black Rubber          : VSR13BR-RBR2

Black Horse is a model in a matte black case with an effect color of red or yellow.
Moon Ray is a popular model featured with Roman numerical.
This is a luxury model with a high-quality rubber belt that adopts sapphire glass.

Indigo Sky                                      : VSC04DM-DBL0
Gentle Lily Rubber                      :VSC10WT-RWT1
Deep Seed Rubber                    :VSC10BK-RBK1

Indigo Sky has adopted simple and tasteful denim belts.
Gentle Lily and Deep Seed are models with a simple and easy-to-use white and black face with a high-quality rubber belt. They have adopted mineral glass.

Product Features
These products are high-quality analog smartwatch which was finished and assembled by craftsmen of Japan at the final stage.
They are equipped with the “MIP” function that enables the transfer of notifications to the smartwatch from only five people registered.
The LED “Vivid Loop” built in an analog clock face displays information intuitively and beautifully in conjunction with the net.
Frequently used functions can be assigned to shortcut buttons with the application.
Smartphone interlocking functions are run by rechargeable batteries, which last for about a week in the standby mode, good enough to serve practical purposes. Even when the battery runs out of charge, the watch module continues to function on a separate battery.
They utilize a unisex design, adopting a lightweight design: women can use these products for a long time without getting tired.

Casing Material: Stainless-steel, antibacterial plastics, sapphire glass
(Model V/R), mineral glass (Model C)
Watch band: Denim for Night Blossom and Indigo, rubber for Black Horse
Dimensions: case diameter 48mm, thickness 15.6mm, weight 75g
Watch module: quartz (2 year battery life)
Battery: Lithium ion battery (rechargeable with micro USB, 1 week stand-by period)
Production: Japan
Supported OS: iOS Version 8 or later and Android Version 5.0 or later
language: English/Japanese (additional languages to become available inithe future)
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
Water resistance: IPX7
Functions: email, SNS, incoming call entry and other notifications, Activity Level and Sleep tracker, schedule, weather forecast by LED, compass, timer, taxi call service (available in Tokyo, Japan only), MIP function
– Warranty: 1 year from purchase

VELDT Inc. was founded in 2012 with its head office in Tokyo as a unique brand focusing on wearable and IoT products and services. We are committed in developing new products and services to offer a new form of happiness and joy in this age of digital-stress.
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