VELDT makes debut at Baselworld2016 with new smartwatches

Premium Smartwatch from Tokyo-based VELDT makes debut at Baselworld2016

~Showcasing 2 series developed in a collaboration with “Kyoto Denim”
celebrating the union of two creative forces~

TOKYO – VELDT, Inc (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo CEO Jin Nonogami) that develops and brings various IoT products and services to the global market has announced that they will be adding a new series to their popular analog-type smartwatch, VELDT SERENDIPITY. The new watch will be showcased at the world’s largest watch and jewelry exhibition, Baselworld2016 starting from March 17th, 2016 in Basel, Switzerland. Along with the release of their new series, VELDT will be looking for new partners to handle distribution outside of Japan. Deliveries of the new series is scheduled to begin in May 2016.

VELDT SERENDIPITY is a smartwatch made in Japan that attains the underlying tone of an analog watch with a design that blends into the occasion, be it a business or a fashionable outing. The exquisitely designed wrist watch comes with subtly placed LED lights and a small display on the face of the watch, providing synched information from your smartphone intuitively and beautifully. The watch was designed to reduce digital stress for people that were overwhelmed and felt a lot of time was being wasted by the excessive information on their smartphones.

With the concept of “creating time away from the smartphone screen”, the newest model comes with the unique MIP (Most Important Person) function that limits the messages displayed on your smartwatch to people pre-registered for display.  More free time to look around but still feel connected to the important people and information in your life, that is what we have designed. Also from this model, the watch will be available for both iOS and Android(ver 5.0 or later) operating systems.







About the New Models

Kyoto Denim collaboration model :
Created by a long-established kimono manufacturer in Kyoto, Kyoto Denim is a denim brand that brings the art of Kyo-Yuzen and denim jeans together. Each and every pair of jeans is handmade by a skilled kimono dyeing craftsman to give it authenticity and beauty. This time, Kyoto Denim and VELDT teamed up to bring time tested traditional art and innovation together. A collaboration that combines analog and digital in a whole new way. The Night Blossom model comes with a watch band custom designed and dyed by hand with cherry blossoms. The Indigo Sky model comes with simple denim made watch band.

VELDT SERENDIPITY Model V            : 1,500USD / 1,350EUR
Night Blossom – Dark                               : VSV04DD-DBL1
Night Blossom – Light                               : VSV04DL-DBL2

VELDT SERENDIPITY Model C            : 520USD / 470EUR
Indigo Sky                                                   : VSC04DM-DBL0

Matt Black sports model :
Matt Black sports model: This sports model inspired from a black stallion comes in matt black casing with red or orange accent. The watch comes with a rubber watch band for practical wear.

VELDT SERENDIPITY Model R            : 960USD / 870EUR
Black Horse – Red                                      : VSR04BR-RBR1
Black Horse – Orange                                : VSR04BO-RBO1

Product description
This analog-type smartwatch is assembled and finished by master craftsmen in Japan.
Comes with MIP function which limits incoming messages from 5 pre-registered persons
The Vivid Loop LED on the face of the watch also helps to intuitively convey the incoming online information.
Smart functions such as activity tracking.etc can easily be accessed from the short-cut buttons of the watch.
The smart function is rechargeable with a continuous battery operation period of approximately 1 week. The watch module runs on an independent battery hence will not stop even if the rechargeable battery should run out of power.
Lightweight for easy use by both male and female users with unisex design.

Casing Material: Stainless-steel, antibacterial plastics, sapphire glass (Model V/R),          mineral glass (Model C)
Watch band: Denim for Night Blossom and Indigo, rubber for Black Horse
Dimensions: case diameter 48mm, thickness 15.6mm, weight 75g
Watch module: quartz (2 year battery life)
Battery: Lithium ion battery (rechargeable with micro USB, 1 week stand-by period)
Production: Japan
Supported OS: iOS 7.0 or later, Android 5.0 or later
Supported language: English/Japanese (additional languages to become available in the future)
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
Water resistance: IPX7
Functions: email, SNS, incoming call entry and other notifications, Activity Level and Sleep tracker, schedule, weather forecast by LED, compass, timer, taxi call service (available in Tokyo, Japan only), MIP function
– Warranty: 1 year from purchase

About Baselworld2016
Schedule : Mar.17 to 24, 2016
Location : Basel, Switzerland
Official Web :
VELDT booth : Hall2.0 / J33

Other available models
VELDT SERENDIPITY Model V              : 1,500USD / 1,350EUR
Vesper White                                                : VSV03WT-AWT1
Vesper Orange                                             : VSV03OG-AOG1
Vesper Navy                                                 : VSV03NV-ANV1

VELDT SERENDIPITY Model R                          : 960USD / 870EUR
Ripplet          : VSR01SV-LWT1 (white band) / VSR01SV-LBK1 (black band)
Moon Ray     : VSR02SV-LWT1 (white band) / VSR02SV-LBK1 (black band)
Silky Ice        : VSR03BK-LWT1 (white band) / VSR03BK-LBK1 (black band)

VELDT SERENDIPITY Model C                : 520USD / 470EUR
Gently Lily (white)                                        : VSC00WT-LWT1
Deep Seed (black)                                         : VSC00BK-LBK1
Crisp Mint (green)                                        : VSC00GR-LGR1
Rich Violet (violet)                                        : VSC00PR-LPR1
Fresh Scarlet (red)                                        : VSC00RD-LRD1

VELDT Inc. was founded in 2012 to develop wearable and IoT products and services that can rebalance our net addicted life. The goal is not only advancement in technology, but an innovation in how we co-exist with technology itself.

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