VELDT was founded to develop wearable products and services that can rebalance the negative aspects of the internet. Established in Tokyo in 2012, the company continues its pursuit for the better future.The name VELDT was taken from the 1950 science fiction short story written by Ray Bradbury, a tragic story based on becoming enslaved in a virtual world.Our goal is not only advancement in technology, but an innovation in how we co-exist with technology itself.

Name VELDT Inc.
Establishment Aug 1, 2012
CEO Jin Nonogami
Director Masaaki Sato
Director Shinichi Uetadani
Auditor Tomoko Moriya
Capital 200,000,000 Yen
Address 4-24-9-703 Kamiuma, Setagaya, Tokyo 154-0011, Japan MAP
TEL +81-50-5824-3760
Business Wearable/IoT products & services planning, production and sales Wearable/IoT products and software development

VELDT brand business We offer wearable products, IoT products and services under the VELDT brand with a clear concept and functional design. The first product we launched was a smart watch, VELDT SERENDIPITY. Our design concept of regaining the excess time spent on your smartphone, in order to spend it looking around and discovering something new, has received positive appraisals worldwide.

IoT OEM & Consulting business Developing IoT products and services involves the difficult task of planning hardware and software, craftsmanship and technology, design and commercial viability. With the experience of successfully launching an IoT product to market, VELDT offers services in IoT project consulting, OEM supply of circuit boards and software licensing. We offer customized services, to accommodate function on design requirements from our clients, to ensure a successful IoT product/service launch.