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    In the ancient time, time was measured by the sunlight. Over time, machines took over the role of measuring time, which became one of the information tools in the Internet era. Among so much information, we are constantly trying to find something imoortant to us. "Lights, rather than words." LUXTURE is a new element that conveys meaningful messages with lights.

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    An unexpected discovery "SERENDIPITY". It is a precious experience that people today in the smartphone world often fail to witness. To have them move their eyes away from the phone screens and spend quality time in the real world, VELDT released the very first product SERENDIPITY.

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    Riiiver is a platform service that offers a new experience of "time". With your imagination and inspiration, the possibility of Riiiver expands infinitely.
    The service is planned, developed, and operated by VELDT and CITIZEN together.